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Sleek, Sexy, and Smooth

Leisure - Dildo

Another great product sold at Edenfantasys!! This silky smooth piece of heaven is the Leisure – dildo by Tantus, it’s beautiful, very flexible unlike most strap-on dongs which are unbending and can become painful. This after a few tries has quickly become one of my toys at the top of my toy chest, having a multitude of purposes for self and even mutual satisfaction. With the capability of being used for solo play either vaginally or anally if anal use is in play you need to protect the toy against germs by using a condom over it, and the same goes for multiple partners, switching condoms with each player would be a great idea otherwise you’re defeating the safety purpose. It does calls for a water base lubricant.

This is very affordable at $44.99 for something so comfortable that you’d want to use it again and again (or at least I do). It came in a standing plastic see-through box and was encased in a plastic bubble with a cute little bullet by its side, it has the name Tantus stamped at its base, and a hole in the underside of it for the insertion of the bullet which slips in easily. The vibrations can be felt all the way to the top which in itself is impressive to me. This is made of the safest material out there Silicone which which is “suppose” to repel dirt and bacteria (but mine seems to searxch it out) and (thankfully) doesn’t fall apart with extended friction. The bullet that came with this is powered by 3 watch batteries (batteries included) and has a push button switch. While it is water resistant it’s not water proof . So it’s fine to play with while in the shower just not so for tub use.

After taking the bullet out of the bottom of this dong you can clean it by boiling it for 3 minutes it’s dishwasher safe (top rack), and for a quick clean antibacterial soap and water works just as well. It’s extremely safe being made out of Food-grade material, is Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, and Phthalates free for anyone with allergies. It’s total length is 7” of which 6 1/2” is insertable, it’s 4” round and is O-ring compatible for those who are looking for another dong for your strap-ons.

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Ups and Downs

      Platinum charisma zia - Discreet massager        Platinum charisma zia - Discreet massager
  These beauties are the Platinum Charisma Zia made by Cal. Exotics. These are rather large personal massager; whose measurements are: 4 3/4 inches long (without the base attached) and 6 inches with it on, with an insert able length of 3 inches (which is 4 inches since you now have a base), it just depends on the users’ mood at the time. It also measures 5 1/2 inches round, and the each weigh little over 4 ounces. As you can see, they come in two beautiful colors both purple and pink.
    It is rather large in girth and a little long in length for a "discreet massager". It has quite a velvety feel to be made of a hard plastic; there is no smell or weird taste. As for the shape, it has two thick circular bumps going around it for added sensation. Also there’s an odd scoop design in the tip of it reminding me of an ice cream dipper Which fits perfectly over the clit for clitoral stimulation (granted) for it to get you off you’ll more than likely need some  help, either from a partner or by another toy in your arsenal.

     These little beauties do have a lustful appetite of their own for double A batteries (batteries not included) that you put in at the bottom part of the vibrator. In order to get the bottom off to insert batteries, you need to twist to open and close (lefty Loosy, righty Tighty) it make sure that it’s snug in case you want to play in the tub or shower also take the batteries out of the unit to help them work longer. For other speeds, all you do is twist the dial on the base where you put the batteries in. When you get finished using the Zia you clean it with warm water and soap or a toy cleaner.
    I was unsure what to think when I first say it and its size; and when I decided to try it out, I really did not like the fact that it was so big in my hand. I was constantly moving my hand to get a better fit, but it did fit my clit perfectly in the scoop at the top of the Zia. The Zia is almost very silent as I was running her, although (she is a battery guzzler). I inserted my Zia vaginally and it was a tight fit somewhat uncomfortable for me. After a few minutes though I started relaxing I just laid perfectly still in my dark room. Then I started feeling the Zia start moving on its own (not in and out) but turning on its own and my vaginal muscles started to contract, I could literally feel my muscles reacting to the Zia, which was a very hot.
    Overall, I am glad I went ahead and got my Zia! She has her down side but then, her good side really makes up for it. This and other remarkable products are available for purchase at http://www.edenfantasys.com/. Why pay more? When you can simply cut out the middle-man and save some money.. Also, get an added 15% off your entire order by using my code TEZ.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.