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Berry-lusciousness of Pure Goo.


This is truly a novel idea way of having your cake and eating it too. This is an edible lubricant (one of many) I’m sure, and for being my first lubricant like this I’d say that it’s true to form. It came in a short round bottle and before I took the plastic wrapper off of it to open it I smelt the faint hint of strawberries. Once the plastic cover was taken off the scent became stronger once it was open. As I took the plastic cover off and twisted the cap open I noticed a thin plastic cover separating the gooey lubricant and the covering lid to keep it from spilling out. I just lifted it up and off with its’ tab and the scent almost became overpowering. Dipping a finger in it to take a taste some of it over flowed onto the side which I quickly tasted to keep from dripping onto the floor then I licked my fingers off (yummy) it indeed does taste like the strawberries that was advertised.

Now this says “Pussy Licker” and it may cause some to think that it’s to only go on a woman’s genital region, but it’s not the only use for it. The delicious gel can be placed where ever you like to put your mouth on, it can be on nipples, a males penis, his nut sacks, and even on the anal cavity (of both male and female) for those of us who like giving and or receiving the utmost satisfaction both to and or from your partner. This gel is to be teasingly and playfully licked off for added stimulation too foreplay, it gives a pleasing taste to areas that this is added to (as promised).

I put this gel to the test just the other day with the main Master (or DADDY as I like to call him) and another submissive female that I know, while testing this out just the other day, we discovered that this has a tendency to be really messy. Once it starts to dry it becomes tacky and sticky so we had to have a wet cloth to wipe ourselves and faces off before it started to dry, but only after we had our multiple orgasm and had to take a break. While we enjoyed ourselves and the product after a while the smell became sickeningly sweet, the odor of 3 of us wearing to became too powerful to bear (almost). After a shower and air freshener we were ready to begin again only (without) the gel. Suggestions for non stop fun would be to have a towel under the partner to save the sheets, another damp one close at hand to avoid a sticky situation, not using a whole lot as being a water base, it likes to spread.

  The Pussy Licker Gel comes in two distinct flavors: Strawberry and tropical fruit both of which smell and taste exactly like the fruit of choice, this is a water base lubricant, and the ingredients are: water (aqua) sucrose, glycerin, flavor (aroma), carbomer, sodium hydroxide, diazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, may contain red 40 (CI16035), red 9CI17200)

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